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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by teabagyokel, Sep 16, 2018.

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    They’re not only interested in the WCC, the WDC also means a lot to team Mercedes. So until it’s mathematically impossible for Hammy to be beaten, they’ll work at securing it. I don’t agree with their actions but it’s sadly understandable. They’ll gift Bottas a win once the WDC is sewn up. Probably.
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  3. Angel

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    I feel cheated. I know it's only a game on here, but I put my money/Brogans on Bottas to win and they cheated me out of it!!
  4. It could be worse, it could be like in Italy where F1 no longer makes the news :no: Sky used to sell their sport channels on the back of football AND F1, now their main drivers are football and MotoGP (and even the Ryder Cup got more coverage that F1, in a country where golf isn't very popular)
  5. I know that what I'm about to say is a bit sad but the only way to change this is if people like you who were robbed of their money were to start taking Liberty to court for damages
  6. Angel

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    The game played on here which I bet on has no real money involved, but it's the principle of the thing. If I had been betting real money I would have been even more furious I can assure you.
  7. F1Brits_90

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    But Yes you all have a point but Team orders are legal, because theyve tried to make them illegal. But have always find a way around. "Fernando is faster than you" "its sunny at T1" or "move to Mode B" team orders have always happened since 50s as cider_and_toast has said how far do you want to go back & if its legal its a no brainer because bottas brought on himself isnt in title race hamilton is

    Here is a question if bottas had signed for next season. With the ocon situation would bottas have 2019 mercedes drive. Or would it be like ferrari
  8. RasputinLives

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    Bottas has a near perfect weekend but is made to move over for Hamilton and all everyone wants to do is talk about him losing his seat because he's not good enough and brought it on himself

    Kimi spends years fannying around and under performing and all the talk is how Ferrari 'swindle' him out of wins.

    I don't get F1 sometimes.
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  9. Ruslan

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    Yes, I wonder if the Ferrari advantage in the middle of the season was that they programmed something to get more acceleration coming out of corners....and Mercedes has since matched that, putting Mercedes back on top. The two Mercedes qualifying more than half second faster than Ferrari was pretty significant. If Mercedes has matched Ferrari's "trick," then its looks like the season is pretty much over.
  10. Il_leone

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    RasputinLives Chris Evans is not Bernie Ecclestone and I don;t think Jean Todt takes note of one idiot
  11. Il_leone

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    Difference between Mercedes and Ferrari

    Kimi keeps fannying around because the hierarchy thinks Vettel is one of the best 3 drivers around who can still deliver the title because Alonso has burned his bridges with Maranello, Hamilton is unavailable. So the hierarchy are lead to believe Vettel is approaching his peak and still is their best chance so best create an environment for him to deliver the championship ie have a subservient teammate and one he does not feel is a threat. Ferrari finally woken up they need to invest in their future Le Clerc.

    Hamilton - the tougher the teammate the more he seems to thrive on it and in Bottas he has someone who will keep his toes and he has managed to find something since the summer break to be on top. Bottas had a perfect weekend but his seat has been under greater scrutiny because Hamilton has gone up a level. Now Ocon and Russell are making more noises and the shock created by Renault and Force India with some Ferrari meddling in other seats has created more pressure on Bottas
  12. Il_leone

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    Something no one has noticed that Giovinazzi actually was faster than Le Clerc in FP1 :thinking: and it probably justifies why Sauber must get rid of Ericsson
  13. Il_leone

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    Bill Boddy Well how about 4 shoot out sessions which has been suggested where 4 cars are elminated until we get down to the top 8
  14. gethinceri

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    I don't care about the qualifying format any more. The racing is shit, so of the two I rather spend one 90 minutes ( the "race") being bored and angry than two ( the "concourse d'elegance" and the "race").
    Here's a proposal: at the start of the season each F1 driver is "paired" with an F2 driver; F1 grid is determined by finish position of paired F2 driver in the F2 feature race, which is held on Saturday before a final practice session for F1 cars with parc fermé commencing at midnight.
    I'd watch that.
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    after rewarding drivers
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