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2018 Interforum League Championship

Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by Dogued, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Dogued

    Dogued Spectator

    Hi everyone!

    Testing is done, McLarens are already breaking down, and everyone is gearing up for the start of the 2018 Formula 1 season!

    In lieu of any information on Pob and his return to run the Interforum Legaue, I have offered to continue where we left off last season. For those who weren't aware, I'm Dogued over at F1Forum and I picked up the league mid season last year. I carried on the fine work the Pob had begun, but I forgot one simple thing; to have an InterForum league, I needed to actually post the results around or interest wanes! But not this time 8)

    I will use ZDKF1 results after each round to gather data for the following categories:

    Interforum League Championship
    Each week, the Top 10 players will be assigned points per position. These points will add to their forum's total.
    Caveats are:
    * Only 2 players per forum in the Top 10
    * Equal ZDKF1 points will be split by difference to Pole time. Further ties will be split by Spot On then Top 10. If players have identical results and are the first 2 represnting their forum, a tie for position will be given. If they are fighting for the 2nd representative place, the player who is higher in the ZDKF1 list will be given the place and points.
    * Absent results do not count for position.
    Defending Champions: F1Forum.org

    Interforum Individual Championship
    Using the points gained by the Top 10 each round, this will be the total points for the season. Ties on points will be seperated by Wins/Seconds/Thirds.
    Defending Champion: Pob (F1 Technical)

    Interforum Qualifying Championship
    Individual Championship that uses pole times. This year the points will be: 2 points if your guess is within 0.25% and 1 point if within 1%. Additional 1 point for correct polesitter. As per ZDKF1, driver must actually start on pole on Sunday.
    Rankings shall be based on total difference to pole time. Absent times WILL be counted in total time.
    Defending Champion: Natny (F1Forum.org)

    Interforum ZDKF1 Points Championship
    Individual Championship that uses actual ZDKF1 points rather than positional points.
    Defending Champion: Tazio (Motorsport Forums)

    For those wishing to join up, please head on over to ZDKF1 Sign Up and jump on board! Existing players can log in HERE.
    A reminder, if you can please go to your profile on the page and ensure your forum tag is at the start of your name, (i.e. cta_greenlantern101)
    and if you can let me know your ZDKF1 nick on this thread, I can make sure nobody is missed.

    Good luck to everyone!
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  3. Dogued

    Dogued Spectator

    Reminder to all, get your picks in by Thursday for round 1!
    I don't have the sway Pob had, so late picks miss out I'm afraid.
    I know several players last year went through after round 1 and selected the full season as an insurance policy in case they couldn't get online.

    I'll post a full list of registered CTA players at the end of each round, so if I missed someone let me know, can adjust to slide them in.

    Good luck!
  4. vintly

    vintly Mostly bacon Premium Contributor

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    Done! Nice one :thumbsup:

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