Pre-GP Quiz 2018 British Grand Prix

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    1. Who won the first ever World Championship Grand Prix, British GP 1950?
    Giuseppe Farina
    2. How many drivers shared a fastest lap during the 1954 race?
    Seven. Lap times were credited to a second and Ascari, Behra, Moss, Fangio, Marimon, Hawthorn and Gonzalez all had time of 1.50. 0,14 points for all!
    3. British GP has been raced in Silverstone every year since 1987. For a long time, the event was alternating between Silverstone and Brands Hatch. What was the previous even year before 1988 when Silverstone had hosted the race?
    4. Which British multiple World Champion failed to win British GP?
    Graham Hill
    5. Which team won its first Grand Prix in 1979?
    Williams, driven by Clay Regazzoni
    6. What was the long-standing record speed of Keke Rosberg's pole lap in 1985?
    160.9 mph, 259 km/h. A point if answer is within 1, half if within 3.
    7. Alain Prost won at Silverstone five times. But which unusual achievement is included in that?
    He won with four different manufacturers: Renault (1983), McLaren (1985/1989), Ferrari (1990) and Williams (1993)
    8. Which British drivers suffered these fates in 1994?
    a) stalled and had to start from back of the grid
    b) retired on the final warm-up lap
    c) retired at the start
    a) David Coulthard
    b) Eddie Irvine
    c) Martin Brundle
    One third of a point for each.
    9. Who led the 2003 race for 17 laps, his only lead laps of his brief F1 career?
    Cristiano da Matta
    10. In which year was the new pit complex used for the first time?
    2011. The current layout was used in 2010 with the old pits, start and finish
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    Nice quiz :thumbsup:

    4 for me.
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    2 1/3 for me.

    Thanks Bleu :thumbsup:
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    Bloody tricky.
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    One and a third. And I did last year’s Silverstone quizz with some similar questions. :bawl:

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