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Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by F1Brits_90, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Now I realise I'm very much in danger of comimg across as a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy bloke where it comes to F1 media but there is a simple answer as to what is going off with Ted.

    The impression is given that Ted is down in the pit lane finding out all these nuggets of information from important people. This Isn't true. He does hang around the teams where he is passed information by either the team or the drivers media public relations manager. He then takes what he thinks is interesting and relays it to us and the commentary team. The main issue with this is of course that public relations managers are only going to pass on positive information that reflects there team/driver in a good light. Which is why so often in the race we hear Ted talking about drivers trying to get other drivers on strategy they have no chance of getting...with Brundle stating that it's a load of rubbish after its been said.

    It's also a system open to human error and human skill. If a driver/team has a very good public relations officer then positive stuff about them gets on the air a lot (e.g. Alonso) so gets ingrained in people's minds as truth. Also if the reporter Ted knows a PR manager better than others and they are mates etc what they have to say is on air more too (e.g. Palmer).

    The reason I dislike Ted Kravitz is that he relays information without checking for himself that it's actually true. There are multiple examples of this over multiple years. Most of us do not think to question what we're being told though.

    Anyways. Off topic.

    Hamilton and Vettel are my top two this year by the way.
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    I entirely agree, I used to find Kravitz an insightful addition to the broadcast, I now think he's overutilised and has to provide more opinion more frequently, thus causing him to spout 60% nonsense.
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  4. Rutherford

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    That's absolutely plausible and I'd agree with what you've said, because every driver is a brand in their own right, especially Fernando Alonso; he's involved with many companies from broad range of fields. Obviously, his people are going to market him in a way to make him stand out from all the others despite being in a bad car and he contributes his fair share to that with his team radios too.
    The Indy500 was a perfect exmaple. It was an opportunity to market the brand Alonso to a wider and more international audience and considering all the pre-race shows and reports it worked really well in addition to his performance.
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  5. sobriety

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    Vandoorne has had a bloody good debut season too, just not quite as good as the last rookie Alonso was paired with a McLaren... ;)
  6. RasputinLives

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    Has any rookie had a good a season as Lewis Hamilton?

    (You could argue Sebastian Vettel but that's probably another thread)
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    RasputinLives Jacques Villeneuve comes closest
  8. RasputinLives

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    Not the same thing Il_leone - Hamilton and Vettel came in from junior series. Villeneurve was already a two time Indy car champ and winner of the Indy 500. He actually under under performed in his debut season from what was expected of him. Unlike Hamilton and Vettel who way way over performed expectations.
  9. Il_leone

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    RasputinLives Point accepted but he did get pole on his debut and was 2nd in a race he should have won probably. Underperformed its a bit difficult to say given he had the fastest car so the worst would have been 2nd or 3rd had Schumacher and Ferrari got their act together. He might have gotten away with 4th had Alesi and Benetton won a few races together. It is somewhat discrediting Hill's achievements that year
  10. F1Brits_90

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    apologies for the lateness of this & that we've nearly started the 2018 season meant to do it last month. but combination of forgetting & not many days off. that I only got around to sorting out the proper double checked figures.

    To say its a landslide victory for the 2017 CTA driver of the year is an understatement because we had 11 votes mix of top 3's & top 10's. lewis topped every poll he was included in with 10 of the 11 votes with riccardio the other only driver to top the poll. max was the bridesmaid with 9 2nd places

    Driver - total - nominations

    1) L Hamilton - 250 (10) :1st:
    2) M Verstappen - 177 (10):2nd:
    3) D Ricciardo - 127 (8 ):3rd:

    4) S Vettel - 124 (9)
    5) F Alonso - 54 (6)
    6) V Bottas - 44 (6)
    7) E Ocon - 38 (6)
    8) K Raikkonen - 21 (4)
    9) C Sainz - 20 (6)
    10) J Button - 12 (1)
    11) N Hulkenberg - 11 (3)
    12) S Perez - 8 (2)
    13) F Massa - 5 (3)
    14) S Vandoorne - 2 (1)

    In terms of transparency, this all the facts & figures. if you can read my writing LOL
    f1 cta.jpg
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