Grand Prix 2017 Australian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Grand Prix Discussions' started by FB, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. racecub

    racecub Champion Elect

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    Yes, maybe. It just seems to me strategy is a mega Achilles heal for Mercedes.

    If they absolutely had to bring Lewis in that early, back out behind Max Verstappen was probably the worst place they could have put him.
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  3. olegg

    olegg Race Winner

    Race GP Australia 2017: Teammates difference by Maximum Speed
    Team -
    Driver 1 - Driver 2 - DifSpeed
    Renault -
    N.Hulkenberg - J.Palmer - 23,2
    Haas -
    K.Magnussen - R.Grosjean - 21
    Williams -
    L.Stroll - F.Massa - 17,3
    Mclaren -
    S.Vandoorne - F.Alonso - 16,1
    Red bull -
    M.Verstappen - D.Ricciardo - 11,5
    Ferrari -
    S.Vettel - K.Raikkonen - 10,3
    Toro Rosso -
    D.Kvyat - C.Sainz - 8,7
    Force India -
    E.Ocon - S.Perez - 8,4
    Sauber -
    A.Giovinazzi - M.Ericsson - 8
    Mercedes -
    L.Hamilton - V.Bottas - 1,7
  4. Titch

    Titch Smile Premium Contributor

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    Can anyone explain the booing at Hamilton on the podium? Have I missed something out of season ?
  5. Incubus

    Incubus Champion Elect

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    Unless my memory is playing tricks on me - which is entirely possible given I was up at 4:30 - it seemed to start when he went on about "the great fans here"... Maybe people are starting to find that a bit tiresome since he tends to say that at every single race these days, which makes it sound a lot less genuine....
  6. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    I thought it was an ok season opener i gave it a 6, as the 1st half was better than 2nd half, Despite a being a Lewis/brit fan. Vettel winning Australian gp is great & important for f1 because when your racing yourself where's the joy in victory & like ive said alot for 1st time since 2010 we got a intrateam battle.
    who doesnt love hearing Italian national anthem it was going back to my school days. Italian is The best national anthem in the world

    I really Feel for Riccardio because of all the races to have the worst luck of your career. To have it in front of your fans who you wait all year for must be devastating

    It was a steady 2nd half but i feel we are on the right road because cars look great. Tyres were proper. it nice that drivers able to push instead of babysitting tyres or race engineers "do you mind not attacking" or "can you just drop back" as that infuriated me as you don't get that in any other sport. I feel if ross brawn can find a way to reduce dirty air or effect of it so cars can race like they can in GP2 & f1 will be in much healthier position
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  7. marksawatsky

    marksawatsky Points Scorer Contributor

    I can't say for sure except that his comments about Nico since his retirement has me thinking Lewis is a a douchebag, and I've been a fan since the beginning.
  8. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

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    I can imagine the reaction if Mercedes had ignored his complaints and left Hamilton out and he'd been passed by Vettel on the track.

    Not that being passed on track seems to be a particular hazard in 2017.

    Other than that it all felt a bit like last year, except for the lack of pitstops and (therefore) position changes. McLaren are in dire trouble, but Renault didn't look too clever either. Toro Rosso did well and Giovanazzi had a sensible debut so Forza Italia all round.

    P.S. 2 overtakes on track!
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  9. Rutherford

    Rutherford Podium Finisher

    Ocons pass on Alonso and Hulkenbergs pass on Alonso?
    This is going to be a cracking season.
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  10. racecub

    racecub Champion Elect

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    On the booing....... Someone I know who lives near the track suggested it could have been because apparently Lewis suggested Melbourne alternate with Adelaide to host the Australian GP. Something the locals are obviously not keen about. .
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  11. Incubus

    Incubus Champion Elect

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    Not sure tat really counts... One of FA's wheels was already pointing a different direction to the others at the time.
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  12. gethinceri

    gethinceri "suck my balls honey" Contributor

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    I recorded it as I thought my drugs would cause me to fall asleep and I'd miss it.
    I watched it late morning........and fell asleep 3/4 through.
    I haven't rewound it to watch.
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  13. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    Well, it's back to the mid-00s. An absolutely genuine multi-team battle to win races in which overtaking is broadly impossible. Which is exactly what anyone with a modicum of sense expected.

    Raikkonen did a passable impression of Eddie Irvine circa 1998 there. Wehrlein may come to regret his injury now Giovinazzi has shown his skill. Magnussen was probably humiliated most, though.
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  14. Il_leone

    Il_leone Race Winner

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    As much as everyone was excited that drivers were going flat out to race.. my worst fears have been confirmed that the harder tyres with more downforce is making cars more difficult to follow each other and therefore making it difficult to overtake

    Hamilton with what should be fresh rubber advantage over Verstappen just could not even get close to him to have a go ...

    I am dreading places like Barcelona already
  15. Il_leone

    Il_leone Race Winner

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    Still if Ferrari can focus on the track then they will give Mercedes more headaches and you'd expect Red Bull to catch up soon ... I don;t however expect Mclaren Honda to do the same

    Interesting is if the current Ferrari was designed and lead by James Allison who is now at Mercedes. It will take until probably the European season for him to feel at ease at Mercedes and unlock the car potential and develop it . So as long as Ferrari can hang in we could be in for a great season
  16. rufus_mcdufus

    rufus_mcdufus Champion Elect

    Vettel made a decent effort in keeping pretty close to Hamilton for quite a few laps. It's the overtaking that seems to be the issue.
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  17. Wombcat

    Wombcat Podium Finisher

    Well, it's what the fans wanted.
    Now get rid of DRS as well, bring back Trulli and I'm sure they all be delighted.
  18. Il_leone

    Il_leone Race Winner

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    Esteban Ocon - a point on his Force India debut - could be a sign of his future potential once he feels fully comfortable with Force India.

    That Mercedes seat is up for grabs if he continues to perform

    Kyvat - the guy did not nothing wrong and a late pit stop meant he finished behind Sainz

    Hulkenberg -A good place for Renault to start who will surely move up the grid with their resources

    K Mag - how long was it he got 2nd on his debut at the same track?

    Alonso - how was it the Mclaren was still in the points till the end nearly ?
  19. Il_leone

    Il_leone Race Winner

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    Its funny how everyone was saying F1 was artificial and drivers were not being tested to the full under the old regulations so when they make car's faster no one seems to remember that if aerodynamic grip increases to create increased speed, then the opposite is true especially when you 're stuck behind a slower car. Pirelli were told to make more durable tyres but that means there is less mechanical grip when you need it most to make passes
  20. Rutherford

    Rutherford Podium Finisher

    The drivers just have to learn how to surmount the laws of physics. Then we'll be back to exciting racing............
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  21. Il_leone

    Il_leone Race Winner

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    Incidentally in case you have missed it Alonso said Mclaren Honda performance is the worst and a pretty damning assessment said they should have been last or 2nd from last .

    More of these punches coming out of Alonso - the more I think HOnda will simply be pummeled into a corner and quit... not saying he is wrong but Honda have a massive job to do .. the trouble is they are not listening to anyone outside

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