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Discussion in 'Quizzes' started by soccerman17, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. soccerman17

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    Here's the Singapore GP Quiz, not too much history to go on here so I think we've got some interesting and unique questions here.

    1. The first Singapore Grand Prix was not a Formula 1 race. When was it held?

    1966, run by the Formula Libre category

    2. Before the first Formula One GP was held in Singapore, drivers from 3 nationalities had won the Singapore GP. One was Singapore. Name the other two nationalities for half a point each.

    Australia and New Zealand (half point each)

    3. Name all three drivers to win a Formula One GP in Singapore. No partial credit.

    Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton

    4. How much faster (to the nearest tenth) was the first pole lap at Marina Bay than the most recent pole lap at Marina Bay.

    No rain here, Massa's pole time in '08 was 0.88 seconds faster than Hamilton's last year. Full points for 0.9, half points for 0.8 or 1.0.

    5. Only one driver has set the fastest lap at Marina Bay more than once. Who?

    Fernando Alonso

    6. How many people can the Singapore Flyer accommodate at once?

    784 people. Full credit for 775-800. Half for 750-850.

    7. The inaugural race at Marina Bay is famous for CrashGate, but how many other drivers retired that night?

    4. Trulli, Sutil, Webber, Barrichello. Kimi also crashed but was classified.

    8. According to Red Bull, what percentage of the Marina Bay circuit is taken at full throttle?

    46%. Full credit for 45-47. Half for 43-49.

    9. The GP will be held on September 20, the same date as the 1970 Canadian Grand Prix. Who won that race?

    Jacky Ickx in a Ferrari

    10. Singapore is the 13th GP of the season. Who was the first driver to clinch the WCC on the 13th race of the season?

    Jackie Stewart, in 1973.
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  3. gethinceri

    gethinceri Daniil Kvyat Fan. Alfa Romeo Fan. Contributor

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    Good quiz.
  4. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Happy to be me again Contributor

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    (I was rubbish)
  5. cider_and_toast

    cider_and_toast Exulted Lord High Moderator of the Apex Staff Member Premium Contributor

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    A big round Zero. :(
  6. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

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  7. Johnny Carwash

    Johnny Carwash Champion Elect Contributor

  8. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Happy to be me again Contributor

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    I'm going to come clean and say the 3 I got right I only knew because I wrote the Singapore quiz a couple of years back! Bit cheaty.
  9. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

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    A useless 2.
  10. soccerman17

    soccerman17 Race Winner

    Yeah, there's only so much to use RasputinLives
  11. Road of Bones

    Road of Bones MTC Mole Premium Contributor

    2. Couldn't see through the haze...
  12. Jos the Boss

    Jos the Boss Champion Elect

  13. F1Brits_90

    F1Brits_90 Race Winner

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    A pretty terrible 1
  14. Incubus

    Incubus Champion Elect

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  15. Bleu

    Bleu Points Scorer

    3 including two halves.

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