Formula One Overtaking Database

This database contains data and statistics on F1 overtaking from 1981 to present day. Individual overtakes are known for 1981, 1982, and 2004 onwards only.

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Recent Grands Prix

Season Race Grand Prix Circuit Laps SC Laps Weather Overtakes
2016 21 Abu Dhabi Yas Marina 55 Dry 41
2016 20 Brazilian Interlagos 71 34 Wet 65
2016 19 Mexican Mexico City 71 3 Dry 25
2016 18 United States Austin 56 Dry 55
2016 17 Japanese Suzuka 53 Dry 43
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Recent Seasons

Season Grands Prix Overtakes Overtakes Per GP Grands Prix (Dry) Overtakes (Dry) Overtakes Per GP (Dry)
2016 21 1,030 49.05 18 939 52.17
2015 19 592 31.16 17 513 30.18
2014 19 828 43.58 17 741 43.59
2013 19 988 52.00 18 936 52.00
2012 20 1,143 57.15 18 923 51.28
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Overtaking Trends

Overtaking Trends Percentage Changed

Overtaking Records

Grand Prix

  • 161 : most overtakes in a dry race - 2016 Chinese GP [Shanghai]
  • 144 : most overtakes in a wet or varied race - 2012 Brazilian GP [Interlagos]
  •      1 : fewest overtakes in a dry race - 2006 San Marino GP [Imola], 2002 Hungarian GP [Hungaroring], 2002 Japanese GP [Suzuka], 1998 Monaco GP [Monaco]
  •      4 : fewest overtakes in a wet or varied race - 1996 Spanish GP [Catalunya]
  •      0 : zero overtakes in a race - 2009 European GP [Valencia], 2005 United States GP [Indianapolis], 2003 Monaco GP [Monaco]


  • 1,152 : most overtakes in a season - 2011
  •    945 : most overtakes in a season (dry races only) - 2011
  •    186 : fewest overtakes in a season - 1996
  •    137 : fewest overtakes in a season (dry races only) - 2008, 2000

Methods & Credits

The data for 1981 and 1982 has been compiled by KekeTheKing using lap charts and video footage.

The data for the years 1983 to 2003 are as published in Michele Merlino’s 2007 article Passing Thoughts: F1 Overtaking Analysis, using Brian Lawrence’s methodology of recording passes (as listed below) made from lap charts of those races. We are grateful to Michele and Brian for their permission to include this data.

Data since 2004 has been compiled by Galahad and includes overtaking moves shown on TV coverage as well as from lap charts.
From 2010 to 2012, KekeTheKing has also contributed with additional video footage and analysis.

As such, it is not possible to draw anything other than the broadest conclusions from analysing across all data sets since the methodologies used to collect the data are different.

The overtaking figures for each race (across all data sets) do not include:

  • Position changes on the first lap of the race
  • Position changes due to drivers lapping backmarkers
  • Positions gained in the pits
  • Positions gained due to drivers yielding
  • Positions gained when a car has a serious technical problem; e.g. puncture, accident damage, etc.

The final criteria involves subjective judgements and consequently figures can never be regarded as ‘definitive’. Gaps in the available data, such as moves missed by TV cameras or obscured on lap charts by pit stops or retirements, mean that the data do not lend themselves to detailed analysis at the micro level, but are indicative of general trends.

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