Fantasy F1 2015 Rules


Team Selection

Players must make their initial selections of three drivers (two main, one reserve), one chassis, and one engine from the total budget of £520m. The three drivers and the chassis must each come from different real-world teams; for example, if a player chooses the Mercedes chassis, they cannot select either Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg as drivers, including as the reserve.

This restriction remains in place throughout the season, so all transfers must be consistent with this rule. Once a driver or chassis selection has been made, any ineligible selections will automatically become unavailable.

If the total value of the team selected is more than the available funds, the remaining balance will show as negative and it will not be possible to update the team until the balance is 0 or above.

Starting team selections can be changed at any time until the registration deadline has passed, after which time no further changes can be made until the transfer window is open following publication of the results from the first race.

Any remaining funds from the starting budget can be used throughout the season to make transfers and activate reserve drivers.

Team selections will remain hidden from other players until after the registration deadline.


All individual driver, chassis, and engine values are based on the number of Formula One World Championship® points scored in the previous 10 Grands Prix which they entered. This may be different from the previous 10 races on the calendar if, for example, a driver has returned after a break.

For chassis, the value is the total of points scored by both cars; for engines, the value is the total of points scored by all cars using that engine.

However, any individual drivers, chassis, or engines will have base minimum values as follows:

  • Drivers - £10m
  • Chassis - £25m
  • Engines - £50m

After each race the individual values are recalculated and any change in value will be determined by the number of points scored in the latest race weekend compared to the number of points scored in the 11th oldest previous race weekend. If more points are scored in the latest race weekend, the value will increase; if fewer points are scored, the value will decrease; if the same number of points is scored, the value will not change.

Points scored in previous seasons with different scoring systems are converted to the current points system, regardless of the points system that was in use at the time.


Players have a total of 18 transfers to use at any time during the season, within each transfer window between race weekends.

Transfers for upcoming races can be made from the time the results of the previous race are published until midnight UTC the day before the first practice session of the next race weekend; this being midnight on Thursday for all races except Monaco, which is midnight on Wednesday.

Players may use as few or as many transfers as they wish (up to the total number of transfers available and possible); for example, to change all three drivers, chassis, and engine would require five transfers, which is the maximum number which can be made for a single race weekend. Once the total number of 18 transfers has been used, the team will be fixed for the remainder of the season.

Transfers will be made at the values at the time. The current values of all drivers, chassis, and engines, as well as the points scored by each at the previous 10 races in which they competed, can be seen on the Manage Your Team page.

Transfers made by players will be indicated on the discussion threads, but specific details will only be published on the individual page for each Grand Prix after the transfer window has closed for that particular race.

Reserve Driver Activation

Typically, only the two nominated drivers (Driver 1 and Driver 2) score points on a race weekend. The reserve driver is there as a backup, in case one of the nominated drivers fails to participate in a Grand Prix, for whatever reason (sacking, retirement, injury, etc.) and players have been unable to, or have chosen not to make a transfer to secure a replacement.

The reserve driver will become active if a nominated driver completes qualifying but is unable to start the race. However, once both nominated drivers have begun the parade lap of the race, the reserve driver is stood down (they will not save you from a first-corner accident or start line stall). The only exception to this is where the race is red-flagged and restarted in the original grid order. In this case, if a nominated driver is unable to take the restart, the reserve driver comes into play. If the second nominated driver also fails to start the race, points will be scored from qualifying only for that driver.

In all cases, if a reserve driver becomes active for a particular Grand Prix, all their points from that Grand Prix will be counted - even if the nominated driver participates in qualifying. Unless the reserve driver was activated by the player, any points scored by the nominated driver in qualifying will be disregarded.

Players may 'activate' their reserve driver as a points-scoring member of their team for an event, meaning that the points scored by all three of the team's drivers will count towards their total for that particular event. The fee to activate the reserve driver for a single event is £18m, and players can activate their reserve driver as many times as they wish during the season, paying the fee of £18m each time. Activation fees are not refunded for any reason.

The same deadline applies to reserve driver activations as for transfers. Players must always have the fee available in spare cash - it is not possible to go into debt. The points scoring for activated reserve drivers is slightly different to nominated drivers – see the Points Scoring section for details.

Internal Driver Swaps

Players may swap their reserve driver for either of their nominated drivers without penalty during the transfer window between each race weekend. As these are internal team changes, the player is not charged one of their 18 transfers, and the player can make as many swaps as they wish during the season. The same deadline applies as to transfers, so it is not possible to swap drivers during a race weekend.

Bonus Prediction Game

A bonus prediction game consisting of questions related to qualifying and race performances will be available for each race weekend. Participation in the bonus game is not mandatory but failure to answer any questions will prevent the opportunity of earning valuable additional points. The deadline for submitting answers is the same as for transfers.

Penalties & Disqualifications


Points for qualifying positions will be scored based on the qualifying order given on the official Formula One® website ( This order usually records drivers purely in order of lap time within each segment, and does not take account of grid position penalties. Excluded or disqualified drivers will be deemed to have the equivalent of no qualifying time and therefore score no points.


In the event of an exclusion from a race, the driver, chassis and engine will be considered to be non-classified finishers and will not score points based on their race finishing position. Points for the number of race laps completed will still be counted, however, as will any bonus points scored for fastest lap or fastest pit stop. Points scored in qualifying are unaffected by exclusions affecting the race result.

Exclusion Or Absence From Future Events

If a driver, chassis, or engine is barred from competing at a future event or events, or announces that they will miss a future event or events for any reason, the responsibility falls entirely on the player to make arrangements for transfers. If a nominated driver fails to compete, the reserve will become active according to the normal rules, but no reserve arrangements will apply to excluded or absent chassis or engines.


In the unlikely event of an appeal against a stewards' decision being successful, and an amendment to the official race results, the scores for that race will be adjusted accordingly. Any subsequently invalid selections as a result of a change in values will be reverted and it will be up the player to make further changes as desired.

Rule Disputes

Any queries regarding the points awarded for a particular event should be communicated before the end of the transfer window following that event. A detailed breakdown of points will be provided for players’ convenience. In any dispute these rules, and the results published on the official FIA website are the primary source of authority. If and when special arrangements have to be made for handling situations outwith these rules, the arrangements will be made with fairness to all players as the foremost consideration, and communicated to players via the Fantasy F1 forum.

Teams Championship

All players in the league have the option of participating in the Teams Championship. There is no obligation to do so and there is no effect on league or cup standing or performance, whether in a team or not.

The points scored by each team member will be added together for a combined total and the team with the highest overall total at the end of the season will win the championship.

To enter a team, simply find a willing team-mate and inform the game administrator of your team name and both members via the discussion thread in the Fantasy F1 forum. Once a team has been entered it cannot be changed.

The deadline for registering a team is the same as for the league.

Fantasy F1 Cup

The Fantasy F1 Cup pairs off players for head-to-head battles based on league scores achieved over individual race weekends. It typically takes the form of a group stage followed by a knockout stage. Participation in the cup is automatic.

Performance in the cup has no bearing on the league and vice versa. However, activating a reserve driver when participating in a cup round could be the difference between continuing on to the next stage and being knocked out.

Refer to the cup discussion thread in the Fantasy F1 forum for further details and information.

Points Scoring



Each qualifier scores points according to their qualifying position, before grid penalties, as follows:

Position Points Position Points
1st 34 9th 14
2nd 28 10th 12
3rd 26 11th 10
4th 24 12th 8
5th 22 13th 6
6th 20 14th 4
7th 18 15th 2
8th 16 16th 1

Drivers who qualify lower than 16th position, fail to qualify, or who are excluded, score zero.


Each driver scores 1 point per whole race lap completed.

Activated reserve drivers score points according to the proportion of race laps completed, as follows:

Race Distance Completed Points
0 laps 0
1 lap - 25% 10
25.1% - 50% 20
50.1% - 75% 30
75.1% - 100% 40

Each classified finisher scores points according to their final position, after any race penalties have been applied, as follows:

Position Points Position Points
1st 100 10th 14
2nd 80 11th 12
3rd 60 12th 10
4th 50 13th 8
5th 42 14th 6
6th 34 15th 4
7th 28 16th 3
8th 22 17th 2
9th 18 18th 1


A 20 point bonus will be awarded to those drivers who set the fastest race lap.

A 20 point bonus will be awarded to those drivers who make up the most positions from grid to final classified position, after any race penalties have been applied.

Points will be awarded equally to all drivers who record the fastest lap or make up the most positions.



Each car scores points according to their qualifying positions, as per the scoring system for drivers; for example, a front row qualification for the chassis scores 62 points.


Each car scores 1 point per whole race lap completed.

Each car scores points according to their finishing positions, as per the scoring system for drivers; for example, a 1-2 finish for the chassis scores 180 points.


The fastest pit stop during the race scores 30 points for that chassis.

Points will be awarded equally to all chassis which record the fastest pit stop.



The highest placed two qualifiers using the engine score points according to their qualifying position, as per the scoring system for drivers.


The highest two classified finishers using each engine score 1 point per whole race lap completed.

The highest two classified finishers using each engine score points according to their final positions, after any race penalties have been applied, as follows:

Position Points Position Points
1st 135 10th 14
2nd 105 11th 12
3rd 75 12th 10
4th 50 13th 8
5th 42 14th 6
6th 34 15th 4
7th 28 16th 3
8th 22 17th 2
9th 18 18th 1


The fastest time through the speed trap in qualifying scores 30 points for that engine.


The following table summarises the points scoring opportunities for each team element.

  Qualifying Position Race Position Laps Completed Fastest Lap Positions Gained Fastest Pit Stop Qualifying Speed Trap
Driver 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Driver 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activated Reserve Yes Yes Yes (%) Yes Yes
Chassis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes

Bonus Prediction Game

Each bonus question answered correctly scores 30 points. Certain questions will also score 10 points for answers which are either side of the correct one. All qualifying results are before grid penalties but after exclusions and disqualifications. All race results are after penalties, exclusions, and disqualifications.

Teams Championship

The points scored by each team-mate are combined to give a total score.

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