Fantasy F1 2015 Rules


The aim of the Fantasy F1 League is to accumulate as many points as possible over the course of a Formula One® season, with the ultimate goal of scoring more points than each of the other players. This is achieved by creating a team consisting of two main drivers, a reserve driver, a chassis, and an engine, which then score points based on how they perform in the qualifying sessions and races during each Grand Prix weekend.

Reserve drivers only score points if they are activated, which can be done for a fee on a per Grand Prix basis.

Teams can remain fixed for the duration of the season or changes can be made between races by swapping drivers or using transfers. Judicious use of transfers can result in profits which can then be used to purchase more expensive and therefore, potentially, better performing team elements.

In addition to the league, there is also the optional Fantasy F1 Teams Championship, whereby two individual players can join together as team-mates and compete against other paired players.

All players who enter the Fantasy F1 League are automatically entered for the Fantasy F1 Cup, which takes the form of a knock-out competition preceded by group stages, utilising the scores from the league.

Discussions on the various games can be found in the Fantasy F1 forum.

Rules, Guidelines & Points Scoring

The rules and points scoring are explained in detail here, but the following points will enable you to quickly and easily start playing.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Create your team by choosing two main drivers, a reserve driver, a chassis, and an engine
  • The three drivers and the chassis must each come from different real-world teams
  • The total cost of the drivers, chassis, and engine must be within the available budget
  • If a driver, chassis, or engine is unavailable, it is due to being an illegal combination, a lack of funds, or a lack of transfers
  • Enter the Fantasy F1 Teams Championship by teaming up with another player
  • Before each race, answer the bonus questions for the chance of additional points and decide whether to activate your reserve driver
  • After each race, check your score and make changes to your team by swapping your drivers or utilising your transfers
  • Check your progress in the Fantasy F1 Cup

Points Scoring

  • Drivers: qualifying position, race position, laps completed (percentage based for activated reserve), fastest lap, most positions gained
  • Chassis: qualifying position, race position, laps completed, fastest pit stop
  • Engine: qualifying position, fastest qualifying speed trap, race position, laps completed
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